Meet the Fragrance: Signature

Meet the Fragrance: Signature

By And Chai

Meet the Fragrance: Signature

Scent is an incredibly personal sense. With the innate ability to drift and compile your thoughts to memories new and old, we’re especially curious to share our own scent stories and how we came upon each of our Soy Candle fragrances.

Creamy, fruity and slightly floral, our Signature Soy Candle is our pride and joy. We wanted a non-Animal Crossing scent profile that would be evergreen and, initially, we were adamant it’d be a chai spice one.

Cue months and months of careful testing.

The Fragrance

Creamy fruity notes of green apple, white lilies, pear, tonka and vanilla.

We landed upon Signature after deciding to move away from a chai fragrance – one that’d be pretty festive, let’s face it! Chai is our surname, and it’s not connected to chai spice at all.

Instead, we both fell in love with this fragrance as soon as the first tester had cured. It’s a creamy, fruity blend, and it burns perfectly on dreary winter nights as well as those radiant, summer afternoons where we began formulating it.

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