Meet the Fragrance: Isabelle

Scent is an incredibly personal sense. With the innate ability to drift and compile your thoughts to memories new and old, we’re especially curious to share our own scent stories and how we came upon each of our Soy Candle fragrances.

When we thought about adding a warm, ‘go-to’ scent to the line-up, we instantly thought of adorable, dependable Isabelle. Isabelle Soy Candle is our elevated vanilla; creamy and sweet to toast the senses.

The Fragrance

Soft floral notes of ylang-ylang, French vanilla, apricot, sandalwood and jasmine.
Isabelle is a brilliant fragrance for all year round. In the summer, its creamy sweetness lifts your home, whilst throughout winter, it cloaks your sanctuary in complete comfort. Top notes of ylang-ylang and orris melt into French vanilla and honey, before sinking into jasmine and musk.

Shop Isabelle Soy Candle now, and find it in Soy Tealights – The Warm Collection.

We hope you love our little creations as much as we do. We do a lil happy dance every time we spot a new order!

– Michelle and Louise