Fun scents to love, inspired by our childhood nostalgia. Let’s get cosy.

& Chai is a home for thoughtfully handcrafted goods that you can always believe in. Our soy candles are made to bring a mindful moment to your home. Always created with our planet in mind, our candles are vegan, cruelty-free, and they’re fully recyclable too.

Founders Michelle and Louise are sisters and lifelong best friends who love to nurture their creative minds, play Animal Crossing until the 2am music starts, and drink coffee like the Gilmores.

& Chai was born in spring 2020, when Michelle and Louise started wondering what it’d be like to hug Timmy and Tommy; what would they smell like?! Our Animal Crossing-inspired core collection sold out in one day on Etsy, and we haven’t looked back since. Now, our scent library includes fragrances we’re personally drawn to, those that evoke childhood memories, and that pave our future.


  • Pisces sun, Libra moon
  • Oat milk and Buddha bowl enthusiast
  • Can usually be found perched beside the water with a good book or Switch game
  • Does all the writin' bits at & Chai
  • Favourite scent: Brewster & Sundaze




  • Taurus sun, Scorpio moon
  • Loves to bullet journal
  • Spends approximately 75% of the day hugging our dog
  • Can be bribed with a matcha latte
  • Favourite scent: Duvet Daze & Midnight



We’re all about the cosy, homebody lifestyle here.

Please note: our studio hours are Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm BST.