Caring for Your Candles

The January start always feels like an in-between period for us. The goals have been set, Christmas decor has been taken down, and yet we’re still deep in hibernation mode. There’s nothing quite like finishing work and putting your feet up with a candle flickering away in the corner, and a fresh series of something excellent on Netflix to dig into, right? Except, you’re slightly worried about keeping an eye on your candle, just in case.

Each of our Scented Candles arrives with a handy candle care card, so you’ll know how to properly look after your & Chai candle and get the most from it. We know from experience how heart-breaking and frustrating it is when a candle tunnels and doesn’t burn evenly, or when your wick looks like it’s going out of control. To fully immerse yourself in a relaxing ambience (i.e. one where you’re not constantly staring at your candle), discover our tips below…

Wipe the candle surface before use. Our candles are made from renewable soy wax, which means if they get a touch too cold, they may ‘frost’ when not in use! & Chai Scented Candles come with a glossy black lid to protect the candle, but we still recommend wiping the top before lighting. This removes dust and any frosting that may have occurred.

  1. Trim the wick. Be sure to trim the wick to around 5mm before lighting. You can use a wick trimmer, pliers, or even nail clippers; just be sure to clean it afterwards!
  2. Light on a flat, heat-proof surface. We like to rest ours on a coaster before lighting.
  3. The first burn is the most important. & Chai Scented Candles have been carefully tested and developed for an even burn every time. This means you shouldn’t experience any tunnelling, as long as the first burn is even. Let the candle burn for at least an hour, the first time you light it.
  4. Store your candle with its lid on, in a cool, dark place when not in use.

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We hope you love our little creations as much as we do. We do a lil happy dance every time we spot a new order!

– Michelle and Louise