Sundaze Soy Candle

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Create the ultimate slow Sunday ambience with the limited edition Sundaze Soy Candle. This fragrance comes alive with cocooning notes of coconut milk, a dash of cinnamon, sweet vanilla and sandalwood. It’s exactly what co-founder Michelle envisions when she settles into her cosy nook for a soothing Sunday indoors.

  • 180g / 6.35oz
  • 100% soy wax
  • Sustainably sourced wooden wick
  • Recyclable amber glass jar
  • Recyclable aluminium lid
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free
  • Average burn time: 30+ hours.

Fragrance Notes

Delicate + creamy notes of coconut milk, cinnamon, sweet vanilla, sandalwood and cedar.

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Customer Reviews

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Uh-oh, I'm fallin' in love

I adore adore adore this candle. I have been in to candles for a hot minute and can safely say the way this is made from the labels to the names to the scents and the way it burns so beautifully makes it one of my favourite (if not my favourite) new candle brand. I cannot wait to purchase more.

Smells fancy

For me this is the definition of a fancy smell. It's very subtle but gives such a lovely scent, I've bought it for my male birthdays as I think it's a great choice for something that isn't musky and 'masculine' and is just a perfect room scent


Smells incredible and not too sweet or sickly. Burns nicely and evenly too. Can’t complain!

Isobel Morrice
Absolutely magical

I'm a huge fan of all the & Chai scents that I have tried thus far, but I think that this one takes the top prize for me. I'm a bit useless at describing scents, but this is sweet and slightly warming, whilst still being very clean and fresh. It reminds me a bit of relaxing in a luxurious spa on a remote Thai island, surrounded by blossoming flowers, fragrant treatments and fresh, tropical foliage.

Maybe that's just me!