OUTLET Bertie Wax Melter

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Our Bertie Wax Melter makes a charming addition to any home, with its muted periwinkle hue. Simply pop our Soy Melts in the top and add an unscented tealight. The ceramic wax melter is finished with a sweet face design on one side, and its smooth glaze makes it easy to remove used wax.

This is an Outlet product, which simply means it isn’t our best. Your melter might have a scratch, chip or small imperfection. This doesn’t affect the Soy Melt burn or scent quality, and will be picked-and-packed at random.

  • 10x10x10cm
  • Ceramic with muted periwinkle glaze
  • Three cushioned feet
  • Comes with one unscented tealight.

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