K.K. Slider Soy Candle


A soy wax scented candle that’s warm and woody with a floral infusion, our K.K. Slider Soy Candle is inspired by everybody’s favourite travelling musician. Notes of incense, tonka bean and tobacco flower lean into grated ginger, sweet patchouli and cashmere for a silk-smooth fragrance that envelops your home sanctuary in comfort.

  • 180g / 6.35oz
  • 100% soy wax
  • Sustainably sourced wooden wick
  • Recyclable amber glass jar
  • Recyclable aluminium lid
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free
  • Average burn time: 30+ hours.

Fragrance Notes

Heady, woody notes of freesia, cashmere woods, incense, tonka bean, patchouli and tobacco flower.

To get the most from your & Chai Scented Candles, we have a few tips for you…
  • Trim your wick. Always trim your wick to 5mm before burning. You could use a trimmer, scissors, nail clippers or pinch the burnt wick with your fingers!
  • The first burn is the most important. Be sure to let your candle melt all the way to the sides on its first burn, to prevent tunnelling.
  • Place it in a central space.
  • Our candles are made from pure soy wax, which means there may be some frosting as it tries to return to its natural state. This doesn’t affect the quality of your candle. Be sure to store your candles with its lid on, in a cool, dark place.

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